Journal Entry on Philosophy and the Matrix

Philosophy and the Matrix – Return to the Source.

I was surprised at how many different parallels between the matrix and philosophy this documentary pointed out.  “The matrix is a web of illusion in which people are meshed or trapped …ignorance is the problem in the matrix and in Buddhism, the solution is awakening, which is knowledge” (12:12,-12:20 Seeking knowledge was something all the philosophers did in one way or another. They sought to prove the existence of knowledge.

“Berkeley wanted to feel there was a divine presence in the world” (20:45 Berkeley was bothered by the idea that all we need in the world is equations, and equations are the answer and reason for everything. The matrix is like all those equations that make up the world.

“A question of philosophy is the nature of freewill, we all think we have freewill, but as we seek to answer the question of what freewill is, it seems like we do not have freewill after all” (paraphrase of 28:38 – 28:50 What the people in the matrix do not realize or accept, is that God does exist and that there is a balance between His will and man’s freewill. God is indeed omniscient, but He also gives us the freewill to choose. Just because God already knows what will happen, does not mean that He just makes us do it. He gives us the choice to do His perfect will, or His permissive will. 


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