Journal Entry on Roderick #4.

Roderick Journal Entry #4

In this lecture, Roderick talks about Marx and Capitalism. In referring to Capitalism, he says, “The negative effect it has is to reduce the rich amount of human needs to needs that can simply be bought and sold on a marketplace” (02:45-54, This reduces even the needs of relationships, friends, love, and kindness. Marx really limits the full scale of human life. He takes away the feelings of life. “That’s the way in which Marx saw relations, as it were, between things; because commodities are things, even when it’s us” (04:05-10, Yet, there was also a positive side to Capitalism, according to Marx. He said, “The upside is the upside where Marx, I think, praises Capitalism in terms beyond those ever used by William Buckley; as a system that had produced from nature more wonders, more technological wonders than the whole previous history of the world had seen” (07:31, Included in the technological wonders, are railroads, medicines, and new needs. Later on in the lecture, it is stated that there are necessary human requirements for a good life, but they are not sufficient for a good life. These requirements include food, shelter, and ordinary health care. These ‘requirements’ are based on first world countries’ desires. Yes it is important to have all of the above, but if you don’t, you can still live happily! I personally know many who do not have easy access to ordinary health care. They might only get one meal a day or one meal every two days. Yet, the love of Jesus shines through these people and they are living a good life. It might not be ‘good’ in the material sense, but they are living life for Jesus, and are happy doing so! 


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