Journal Entry on Roderick #3.

Roderick Journal Entry #3.

In the lecture, Roderick describes Kant’s beliefs in moral law. Kant believed that people should judge their actions based on right and wrong. He also believed that the only good thing is good will. “A good will acts for the sake of duty alone” (06:18-20, Kant goes on to say that duty is any action of reverence for the moral law.

“Moral stuff comes from you; the decisions you make” (05:50-53, From what Roderick says in his lecture, it appears that Kant does believe in a moral law, but not a moral law Giver. Kant basically is stating that whatever is moral originates in human beings. If it originated in God, then it is not moral, because it is not a decision that the individual makes for him/herself. Kant’s view on humans and moral law is not something I agree with. As far as moral law goes, I believe that it is God who is the Law Giver. God IS good. Therefore, all our moral dilemmas/questions should be compared to God’s standards for us. His moral standards, rules, are found in the Bible. 


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